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Coconut Water Market Scenario By Coconut Development Board


Coconut water has today become the healthy drink for millions of people. This wholesome, nutritious drink has suddenly turned leader in the acutely competitive soft drink market too. Even before the ongoing cola storm and the shocking revelations of center for science and environment that upset the soft drink market, tender coconut water was the most favored drink. Nearly 10 years back there were only few outlets to sell this Nature's own drink in several places. And they primarily looked towards the sick as probable customers, for it was often prescribed as a nutritional drink. The efforts of the Coconut Development Board, which set up around 20 coconut water shop to promote the drink.


In tune with the changing times, the product has also undergone many changes. It is now available in tetra packs and cans, but is still able to retain its medicinal and nutritional values. Artificially packed tender coconut water is fast gaining popularity. Competition leads to innovation and this is true in the case of this soft drink also.Coconut water is tapped from the center of young, green coconuts and, unlike coconut milk, is not fatty and has a light, clean taste.This water is now popular all over the world for its energizing taste along with beneficial and health-benefitting properties.Fresh tender coconuts can be readily available in the marketplaces and in tropical countries year around. Different species of coconut palms are grown all over the tropics.