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Coconut water is a healthy, low calorie drink for those looking to replace fluids lost through exercise or simply to quench their thirst. It’s an excellent choice because pure coconut water contains naturally occurring electrolytes which closely match those lost through sweating.While the flesh of a coconut is high in calories, pure coconut water is not. In its natural state, coconut water is fat free, low calorie and has little sugar or salt. Most coconut water is just that, the juice from the inside of a coconut. But some are made from concentrate while others have added ingredients.This low calorie juice contains a huge amount of healthy vitamins and nutrients because it does not have the presence of unhealthy artificial saccharine agents which degrade the minerals and nutrients slowly.


The coconut juice gets easily absorbed into the body as it is similar to the plasma with the concentration of salt in it. This refreshing drink is filled with many healthy natural nutrients which can enhance the body's metabolism and immunity.Using new handling technologies and new brands and elsewhere are growing coconut water sales quickly. The water is actually obtained by opening a tender, green, healthy, and uncontaminated coconut. Inside, itspure liquid is sweet, and sterile and composed of unique chemicals such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, amino acids and cytokine. In general, young and slightly immature coconuts gathered from the coconut tree after they reach about 5-7 months of age for the purpose of gaining its drink.